Shift review update

Shift Review Member Communication

26th September 2019

Dear Member,

NHS 24 sent out a communication to staff on the 25th September advising the following:

• Work continues on processing your forms and the outcomes of individual meetings. We will be issuing all outcome letters by 30th September 2019.

• We appreciate the importance of providing everyone with a start date for their new rota, as well as the actual week within that rota. We have agreed with the trade unions that the start date for the new rotas will now be Monday 28th October and you will be e- mailed this information by Friday 27th September 2019. This will allow new rotas to be loaded on WFM, and give you a chance to view these prior to the new start date of 28th October 2019.

Whilst we, as your UNISON branch, agree that knowing a commencement date and what week of your rota you will be starting on are important pieces of information, we also recognise that some of our members may feel differently about this news. We know that some of you have agreed rotas and are keen for the change to take place, whilst acknowledging that some of our members have still to find a solution for themselves and feel that this change is coming too soon.

We are still working with those members who have been unable to resolve their own working patterns and who require a change or adjustment for caring responsibilities, disability or health related reasons.

The advice from the UNISON NHS24 Branch to any member who has not found a solution at this stage would be to follow the process and request an executive review.

Also within the communication to staff was a section covering planned leave, which is below:

We will be honouring the commitment we made during the shift review process that booked time-off is accommodated, and this will be implemented once the new rota sets are in place. As you can imagine, this is a complex process! However the resourcing team will be working on each individual schedule to make any adjustments required.

To enable this process we are asking for your support with the following:

1. View your current ‘Taken and Planned leave’ from your webstation

2. Once your rota has been loaded, review your schedule for any changes required to accommodate your required periods of leave

3. Discuss with your Line Manager who will collate changes required and submit to the resourcing team on your behalf

Please note that it may take some time to process the updates required so again we would appreciate your patience while the team are processing through these changes. We will prioritise changes required for the live 8 week window. Once these are processed, the team will start to work through forthcoming dates and into the New Year.

UNISON wouId advise its members that in addition to annual leave, we have been previously advised that all efforts will be made by NHS 24 to ensure that staff who have made plans, that fall onto days off or that clash with any new rota, will be accommodated.

Please contact your local rep if you have any concerns or comments.